1. Does your firm represent reputable clients?
The industries that we have chosen to work with symbolize strength and stability in the market place.

2. Confidentiality - Can I trust your firm?
The only way to recruit and do it in a professional manner is confidentially. We exercise the highest of confidentiality.

3. Will you treat me with professionalism and look out for my best interest?
It is in our best interest to treat you with respect and we ask the same in return.

4. Why should I use your firm verses other firms?
THE GRIFFIN GROUP, INC. ® will present you with the best opportunities available and treat you like we want to be treated. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You will always know where you stand with us.

5. What type of candidates do you recruit for your clients?

1. Employed
2. Happy
3. Qualified

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Do you have these characteristics?
The most successful and capable people in the world have the following characteristics:

1. ENERGY - lots of it
2. ENTHUSIASM - people are motivated by you
3. EDGE - "can do" attitude, will take risks and make decisions
4. EXECUTE - make it happen

These are the traits that THE GRIFFIN GROUP, INC ®
seeks from successful candidates.

The Griffin Group